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The Overberg of the Western Cape is well known for its delicious lamb and fine wine. Where rolling Overberg farmland meets valley vineyards, here lies our small-scale Thamnus farm, underneath the towering Klein River mountains. The purity and depth of the Thamnus wines seem to be reflected in our free-range, naturally-farmed lamb.

Farmer, wine grower and winemaker PJ Geyer says ‘it’s all in the taste. We graze all our sheep in big camps so they get plenty of exercise. This enhances a good ratio between meat and fat. We love marbling of fat, sweet meat and cool-climate flavours. Our rams are treated as kings, ewes as queens and the lambs with the TLC they need. They are happy sheep!’

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Although not certified, the meat is vaccine and antibiotic-free; inorganic inputs are used only if absolutely necessary. ‘We believe in regenerative farming and are moving away from single crops. It improves soil conditions and weed control, with competition between multi-crops enhancing biomass production.’ Medics, a group of legumes, are used as a rotational crop, not only enhancing soil health but strengthening the sheep’s immune system. Barley and oats are sown to provide the sheep with nutrition.  A true polyculture, much like the farmers of early South Africa and on the farm 200 years ago.

This all translates into a superior tasting lamb from a unique part of the Overberg. ‘Where sheep and wine meet!’